Powerful Additions: Unlock New Features in Kiber Web 3.22


Kiber Web 3.22

Embark on an exciting journey with the all-new Kiber 3 Web—a revolutionary update that redefines remote collaboration. Featuring a meticulously crafted user interface (UI), coupled with intuitive navigation and powerful features, Kiber 3 Web sets a new standard for productivity and efficiency.

Speech-to-Text & Translation

Break down language barriers with real-time transcriptions and potential translations, enabling smooth communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. Experience the power of instant transcription and translation, facilitating collaboration like never before.

Undo Annotations Step-by-Step

Refine your annotations with precision using granular control over the undo functionality. Step-by-step undo allows for seamless adjustments, ensuring that your annotations are perfect every time.

Canvas Switcher

Tailor your workspace to your preferences with the ability to switch the position of the main area and live view area. Each expert can customize their workspace for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Kiber Augmented Reality

Mic/Webcam Selector

Take control of your privacy with the option to start sessions with microphone and webcam settings according to your preferences. Enjoy enhanced privacy and peace of mind during remote collaborations.

Magnify Glass

Zoom in on live details with a magnify glass feature that enlarges video streaming for improved clarity. Whether you’re providing remote assistance or receiving support, you can focus on the finer details with ease.

Video Player

Enhance collaboration by sharing video files with remote users during sessions. Utilize annotated screenshots to provide context and clarity, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration.

Video Conferencing Kiber


Enhanced Fullscreen Experience

Enjoy a seamless user experience even in fullscreen mode, with access to device buttons for added convenience. Stay connected and in control, whether you’re presenting, collaborating, or troubleshooting.

Experience the Future of Remote Collaboration

Discover the future of remote collaboration with Kiber 3 Web. Explore the enhanced UI, improved UX, and groundbreaking new features that empower efficient and effective collaboration across distances.

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