FLAMES DETECTION System and FV-F-17 Hot Spot Monitoring Camera

Flames Detection System

In industries where the risk of fire poses significant threats, the integration of cutting-edge flame detection systems becomes paramount. One such innovative solution is the Flame Detection System, coupled with the state-of-the-art FV-F-17 Hot Spot Monitoring Camera. This dynamic duo plays a crucial role in safeguarding assets, personnel, and the environment by providing early and accurate fire detection capabilities.

The Flames Detection System

Flame detection systems are instrumental in identifying the presence of flames in various environments, ranging from industrial facilities to offshore platforms. These systems utilize advanced technologies to swiftly and accurately detect flames, allowing for prompt response and mitigation efforts. They are a vital component of fire safety strategies, offering reliability and effectiveness in diverse applications.

Key Features and Benefits

Early Detection: Flame detection systems boast advanced sensors that swiftly identify flames in their early stages, enabling quick response to potential fire incidents.

Accurate Identification: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms and sensors, these systems differentiate between actual flames and false alarms, ensuring precise detection.

Versatility: Flame detection systems are adaptable to different industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, and more, offering a versatile solution for varying environments.

Integration Capabilities: These systems seamlessly integrate with other safety and security systems, enhancing overall emergency response coordination.

FV-F17 Hot Spot & Flame Detection Fiexd Cameras

1. Flame, Hot and Cold Spots Detection

Flame Detection Camera

  • Detection algorithm embedded in the camera
  • ONVIF  certified
  • Can be use
  • As plug & play in existing CCTV
  • As stand alone
  • As part of a full solution
  • Can detect flames from any flammable material (hydrocarbons, oily rags, H2, paper, wood, etc.)

1A – Flame Detection

  • Due to its unique embedded algorithm, the camera can show you the actual H2 flames
  • shape and size on the video received at the control room .

H2 Flame Detection

  • Firefighter training to extinguish an H2 fire from a fuel cell car H2 pressurised tank.

Hydrogen Flame Detection

Multiple Flames Detection

  • It can detect up to 10 fires simultaneously anywhere in the camera field of view. The flame will show as red and the alarm will show as a triangle on the screen.

Multiple Flame Detection

1B – Hotspot Monitoring

  • To detect hotspot that could trigger a potential fire
  • Hot spot monitoring: Areas in which the temperature is ABOVE the value set by end user as threshold, are colored in RED. 
  • Detection time: Immediate

Hotspot Monitoring

1C – Cold Spot Monitoring

Leak detection in cryogenics applications 

  • Area in which the temperature is BELOW the value set by end user as threshold, are colored in BLUE. 

Detection time: Immediate 

Simultaneous detections: unlimited 

  • Hot spot monitoring: Areas in which the temperature is ABOVE the value set by end user as threshold, are colored in RED. 

Detection time: Immediate 

Simultaneous detection: unlimited

Hotspot Detection

1D – ROI (Region of Interest)

  • A web-based user-friendly HMI allows easy access to the camera to set up single or multiple ROI, in order to focus the detection on certain areas of interest. 
  • These ROI can be used for either flame detection or hot spot monitoring. 
  • They are set up using your mouse through our user-friendly web-based interface, they can take any size and shape. 
  • Up to 10 ROI can be set up simultaneously.

Region of Interest

  • In case multiple ROIs are set up for hot spot monitoring, each ROI can be programmed with a different temperature threshold (hot and cold) to trigger the alarm. 

Multiple ROI

1E – Alarms

Through OG-Tech Video Management System (VMS), we can send you the alarms from the camera to a : 

  • PC in your control room 
  • A laptop connected to your intranet or internet 
  • A mobile phone (for the person on call) 

In addition, our VMS can supply dry contacts to connect to your DCS in order to trigger automatic actions.


  • Our camera is available as a fixed camera system or mounted on a Pan/Tilt positioner. 
  • We offer a variety of optics including fixed single field of view athermalized lenses, motorized focus lenses, dual field of view zoom lenses, continuous zoom lenses and an extremely long range 150mm fixed motorized focus lens.

Fixed Detection Camera

1F – Detection Range

Depending on the lens installed on the camera, a limited number of units can monitor a vast area.

Range Detection


The combination of a Flames Detection System and the FV-F-17 Hot Spot Monitoring Camera represents a significant leap forward in industrial fire safety. Together, these technologies offer a robust and comprehensive solution for early flame detection, accurate identification, and proactive monitoring of potential hot spots. By leveraging these advanced tools, industries can enhance their safety protocols, mitigate fire risks, and protect both assets and personnel.