Introducing Ex Proof iPad 10.9 Certified ATEX Zone 2/22

Ex Proof iPad 10.9 ATEX

In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, the Ex Proof iPad 10.9 takes centre stage as an innovative device tailor-made and certified for use in hazardous environments, thanks to its ATEX Zone 2/22 accreditation. This state-of-the-art tablet not only redefines safety standards but also introduces a new dimension of functionality, making it a game-changer for industries facing the constant challenge of explosive atmospheres.

Understanding ATEX Zone 2/22 Certification

Before delving into the features of the Ex Proof iPad 10.9, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of its ATEX Zone 2/22 certification. This certification ensures that the device complies with the stringent safety standards set by the ATEX directive, specifically for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Zone 2 refers to areas where explosive gases are likely to occur occasionally, while Zone 22 denotes spaces with combustible dust. The Ex Proof iPad 10.9 is built to thrive in these challenging environments, providing a reliable and secure tool for professionals across various industries.

Model Variations

Certainly, when exploring model variations, it’s essential to understand the diverse options available within the Ex Proof iPad 10.9 series. These variations cater to specific user needs and industry requirements. Let’s delve into some notable model variations:

Ex Proof iPad 10.9 Standard Edition

  • Ideal for general industrial use in ATEX Zone 2/22 environments.
  • Rugged design and ATEX certification ensure durability and safety.

These model variations showcase the versatility of the Ex Proof iPad 10.9 series, allowing businesses to choose a configuration that aligns precisely with their operational needs and industry-specific challenges. Whether it’s a standard model for general use or a specialized edition for unique applications, the Ex Proof iPad 10.9 series offers a diverse range to meet the demands of a wide array of industries.

Key Features of the Ex Proof iPad 10.9

Rugged Design: The Ex Proof iPad 10.9 boasts a rugged construction, engineered to withstand harsh conditions. Its robust casing provides enhanced durability against impacts, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in the toughest environments.

ATEX Compliance: With ATEX Zone 2/22 certification, this iPad meets the strict safety requirements for use in explosive atmospheres. This makes it an ideal choice for industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Crystal-Clear Display: Despite its rugged exterior, the Ex Proof iPad 10.9 doesn’t compromise on display quality. The device features a high-resolution screen that remains vivid and easy to read, even in challenging lighting conditions. The hardened glass gives added protection and yet responds very well to touch and stylus.

Long Battery Life: Professionals working in hazardous environments need a device that can keep up with their demanding schedules. The Ex Proof iPad 10.9 is equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring that it stays powered throughout the workday.

Enhanced Security Features: Recognizing the importance of data security, this iPad comes equipped with Apple’s iOS system, the safest and most secure in terms of cyber-security.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 100-240 Volt (charger)
Frequency 50/60 Hz (charger)
Colour Aluminum / Black
Dimensions 28 x 21 x 1.6 cm (ipad 10.9 inch)
Total Weight 1050 gram (incl ipad)
ATEX Unit Assessment Certificate Zone 2, II 3G; ec ic IIC T4 Gc

Zone 22, II 3D; tc IIIB T135°C Dc

Ordering Information

Ex Proof iPad 10.9

Applications Across Industries

The Ex Proof iPad 10.9’s ATEX Zone 2/22 certification opens up a world of possibilities across various industries:

Oil and Gas: Streamline operations and data collection in potentially explosive drilling and refining environments.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Ensure worker safety while maintaining efficiency in environments where combustible substances are present.

Mining: Facilitate communication and data management in dusty mining environments.

Manufacturing: Improve productivity in manufacturing plants dealing with combustible dust particles.


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